Kim Wilde @ Paradiso Amsterdam April 6th 2009

Kim Wilde was in Amsterdam and I was there 🙂

She came on stage like a real pop diva. I must say that back in the years she tried to look cool, bitchy and dangerous, her image for those days I suppose. Her and now 2009 she really looked great! Sexy and cheerful and she rocked! From the first minute she had contact with some fans in the front, and so the ice broke in a sec! Kim and band did all the old songs, which still are the best ever. This kind of music is legendary, all the new young girls and bands can learn alot of this gig. There was so much electricity on stage and you could see Kim and band really enjoyed to be on stage. This is not only for the money this is pure from the heart and this is how I want to see a gig. The sound was again as usual not a big thing in Paradiso 🙁 but hey, the band rocked and that was what we came for. I can write down all the songs she did from those years, but that is not needed, she did them all 😉 and some new stuff too. There was not one song she missed or what was boring, for me the second best gig from this year already 😉
Kim also did a cover from Depeche Mode, Erasure and of course Plastic Bertrand. “Ca Plane Pour Moi” was for me the best song she did just because Kim did it so good that it was even better than the original, it was way cool!!
For me the time stood still and once again I keep repeating myself those years were the best ever, there is no other band from now what canwin with their music from legendary bands like Talking Heads, Kim Wilde, Blondie, Grace Jones, etc. Well except for the White Stripes of course 😉

” Kids in America'” was the end of the night, and this is how Kim started back in the ’80’s
Kim, come back again!