We finish sound check in the Paradiso, and it all goes fine.. great sound onstage, and my in-ears seem to be ok..ish. There’s a Wagamama next door to the venue so we all grab a bite in there before the gig. My mate Simon (who co-manages Scarlett Feeva with me) and his lovely lady Maria bell me to say they have arrived and are waiting for me at the gig. I was sooo chuffed to see them there, as they hadn’t seen us before.. and judging by past gigs in Amsterdam.. I was hoping for a good ‘un for them. Showtime.. and Si and Maria go out front with Sean to watch the show from the sound desk with him. There’s an amazing atmosphere in the room even before we go on. Intro tape starts and the buzz turns to a big roar.. and as we go onstage it all kicks off. Kim and the band all again on top form, and boy we rocked! I can honestly say it was possibly the best gig I’ve ever played. I even take out one of my in-ears so I can soak up the noise from the crowd.. awesome! The set felt great, band tight, perfectly paced.. lovely jubbly.
Came off stage on a huge high, and five minutes later there’s Si and Maria with huge smiles standing by the dressing room door. Lots of kisses and hugs later, we all go into the bar to celebrate a killer gig. So chuffed it went well for them, and that they had a great night.
A few hours later, it was time to move on to Luxembourg.. about a six hour journey. I say my goodbyes to Si and Maria, and hit the road. We been chilling on the bus a few hours, and around 3.30am my phone goes.. and there’s a very pissed up Perry Ap Gwynedd on the other end of the line. Perry used to be in our band, and left to join Pendulum around a year ago. It transpires he’s only an hour away from the gig we’re playing tonight.. asking if he can come. I said he could only come if he does a ‘Nigel Tufnel’ and joins us on stage for ‘Kids’.. he laughed and said he was hoping I’d say that! I was sooooo chuffed. We all love Pez, and can’t wait to rock with him again… YAYYYYY!! Hahaha.
Eventually we all sloped off to bed, and awoke in Luxembourg outside the venue. I got up and went into the gig to check it out.. fabulous room.. great sound. Next thing there’s a tap on my shoulder, and there’s Perry with Frank (Frank works for Hughs And Kettener and is responsible for us having our amazing amps we use). Big hugs all round.. and straight away Pez is back onstage with us at sound check rehearsing ‘Enjoy The Silence’ and ‘Kids’.. of course, he sounded awesome as ever.. we’re all so excited. We then grab a bite, and Pez goes off to find a hotel.
So now.. we just chilling backstage waiting for the show.
Tomorrow, it’s the final gig of this tour… in Paris! Can’t wait, as Mandy, Mason and all the WAGs are gonna be there. Will be soooooo good to see them all! Hahaha!
Should be a cracker fingers crossed… 😉

Posted by Rick Wilde at 10:16 AM