Paris.. the final gig

We are all in the dressing room waiting for the gig to start.. in walks Pez with a big smile on his face. We’re all ready to go. The crowd are buzzing again, all good. Intro tape starts.. crowd roars.. bang we’re in. The gig is going great, and before we know it the show is whizzing through.. and were getting to the point where Pez is gonna join us. Kim introduces Pez, and he comes on to a loud cheer. We get straight into ‘Enjoy the Silence’ and it was just like he’d never been away. Everyone onstage is smiling, and rockin’ out.. ‘Enjoy The Silence’ ends.. and we slide into ‘kids’.. and as the drums kick in it’s mayhem onstage.. all of us stepping up a gear.. and running all over the stage, up and down the risers.. I have one amazing memory of Perry and Neil shredding together like nutters at the front, it was THE ‘ROCK’ moment of the whole tour.. simply magnificent! Gig finishes and we’re all backstage, all hugs and beers. Pez finally shoots off back to his hotel after some more beers and pics, and we all get on the bus.. next stop Paris.
For me this journey was pretty none eventful as I wanted to get an early night, as the next day Mandy and Mason were gonna be there and I didn’t want to be sleeping all day! I shoot off up to my bunk and couldn’t sleep a wink.. body clock all over the shop. I finish up getting no more than 3 hours kip.. and end up knackered anyway! Pah! Come downstairs of the bus 9.30am almost at the hotel, have a coffee and feel almost awake. Ring Mandy, she and Mason are at the Hotel already and I tell them I’m gonna be there very soon. The bus stops off at La Cigal (the gig) to drop off Marky and Sean so they can get all the gear set up ready for sound check in a few hours. Bus then takes us to the Hotel.. drops us all off.. and I shoot up to our room, knock on the door, it opens.. there’s Mandy with a big smile, Annie on the floor straightening her hair, Lisa with her amazing new dark hair, Logsy (Scarlett’s best mate who flew over with Mandy and Mason) and of course Mason.. (who promptly runs out to give me a big cuddle that lasts for ages bless! haha)… Mandy then joins in the family cuddle, and it’s all smiles! We all then went out for a lovely lunch with Scarlett and Logsy, and then I go on to sound check with Mason. Mandy stayed behind as she wanted to get ready for the evening ahead. Get to La Cigal.. and soundcheck goes ok, but still having all sorts of techy problems with in-ears and wireless guitar system.. soo dull! We finish and then get on the tour bus that’s parked out the front. There’s probably around fifty or sixty fans outside the front door.. and as Mason and I come out to get on the bus, they all ask us for pictures and autographs. Mason is in heaven, smiling, chatting with them all, and signing stuff for them. We both then get on the bus, and chill there until the WAGs get to the venue. Mason is so excited and can’t stop talking and laughing. The girls eventually get there and we all go up to the dressing room, and chill out. Mandy does Kim’s hair while I go to watch John Harrison and Tom for the last time. They were both magnificent, stirring the amazing crowd up and winning them over again.. as they come off we’re all clapping and cheering them. My amazing brother inlaw Lawrence and Mandy’s gorgeous sister Sam also are there with some very dear mutual friends of ours too.. we all hug as they all make their way out to the front desk to watch the show.. and it’s shaping up to be an amazing night.
Showtime. The lights go down.. intro tape starts.. and there’s an awesome roar from the French crowd. The band walk on stage and everyone’s cheering, whistles and smiles. We strike up the first chord.. Kimmy walks on.. even bigger roar and fook me it proceeds to be the most mental gig yet! Everyone in the room is jumping, singing, cheering.. was simply beautiful. There’s one moment where we sing a new ballad.. ‘Loving You More Than You Know’.. and as it starts with just Neil on acoustic guitar and Kim, you could hear a pin drop. She delivered an amazing vocal and performance, it was a stunning moment in the show for us. After that.. things speeds up.. and we finish up (as usual) with ‘Kids’.. and everyone is singing and cheering.. band and crowd.. at the tops of their voices. We finish the last chord and the room erupts. We stand there for what seems like ages, soaking in the applause.. and eventually stroll off stage in euphoria! Hahaha.. what a way to end the tour! As good as it get’s! Lawrence is there side of stage as we come off and he’s blown away.. bless him. I learn later that he and Mandy actually cried when Kim did the ballad. We all finish up in the dressing room.. booze flowing.. everyone talking very loud.. and soon after that we decide to go back to the Hotel. Mason and I walk out the door to get on the bus, and it’s mayhem.. hundreds of fans outside asking me (and Mason!) for autographs.. again Mason is loving it! Hahaha.. After 10 mins of signing autographs and pictures with them, I eventually get on the bus, and fifteen minutes later were at the Hotel in the bar.
All of us chatting, and saying our final farewells. Cornish then has to leave in the bus back to Germany, so we all go out to wave him off. All of us have grown very attached to Cornish, he’s a total star, and we’re all very sad to see him go.. so with a rousing rendition of ‘WE LOVE YOU CORNISH..WE DO’ the doors close.. and the bus slowly pulls away. We all feel a little sad, and Scarlett sheds a tear or two. At around 4am we’re done drinking and partying.. so make our way back to our respective rooms.. all very tired, with mixed feelings of sadness, and happiness.
Next day, we all meet up in the morning in the foyer to see the band and WAGs off to the Airport as Mandy, Mason, Scarlett, Logsy and I are going back later in the day on Eurostar. There’s lots of hugs, but hey we’re off again next Thursday for another gig in Sweden!
YYYAAAAYYYY…. and so it carries on…. 😉


Well just want to say a massive ‘thank you’ to everybody that helped to make this tour the amazing experience it was. First and foremost, I would like to thank all the fans for coming to all our gigs, and for giving us such unwavering support over the years, without you.. this tour would mean nothing… and now on to the crew. Patty, the most honest, hardest working and best tour manager in the world bar none. With always a smile, you manage to make everything work.. on time.. every time! Daz and Cornish, we go on stage every night, relaxed and full of complete confidence.. safe in the knowledge you guys are there if anything goes wrong.. can’t thank you enough for that dudes! Your also both nutters.. in a Scotch and Cornish way. Dave.. the most relaxed monitor man ever.. who with some awful technical problems through no fault of his own.. still managed to deliver a great sound on stage night after night, I salute you sir! Marky.. your amazing.. your talents are limitless, with different desks, lights and equipment.. some amazing, (some not quite so) still deliver the best lights whatever.. without complaint, and always with 100% dedication, a true pro mate. Sean.. haha.. well your a total git.. and you wear white gloves.. BUT.. your also the best sound guy any band could ask for, with amazing ears, great attitude, always fun on tour, but I also feel myself lucky to count you as one of my best mates. Beggsy, you continually amaze me with your immense talent and knowledge.. always great to be around, always there with a sympathetic ear for anyone that needs it.. a great friend to all that know him, and one of the maddest and funniest men I have ever met. Jonnyboy.. if ever there was someone you can always rely on, it’s Jonny A. If he says he’ll do it, it will be done without any reminders. With the warmest of friendship, and driest of humour, without any complaints, he gives everything, every night.. with the huge blisters to prove it! Like Beggsy and Neil, your knowledge is a constant source of amazement, and is a God send for us mere mortals! Stevie Power, you are probably the most talented, funniest, laid back, chilled, honest, and greatest guys that walks this planet mate. Every one that knows you, loves you. You are every inch a star, in everything you do, nobody makes me laugh so consistantly, and we are nothing without you mate. You’re so gonna be an amazing Daddy too.. YAYYYY!! Hahaha!! Neil.. where do you start with this fella? I have never met anybody with such focus and dedication in everything he does. Guitarist, tour manager, computer geek, pilot, pool, all these things (apart from the pool) he’s amazing at.. throwing his whole heart and soul into, (and is the best at ;-).. a true inspiration indeed.. but on top of that, with the sharpest of wit, he can (sometimes even without words) reduce you to hysterics.. Neil your amazing.. even when your lost. Scarlett, your every inch a star.. who I believe in and love with all my heart. The band has gone up numerous gears with your arrival. This time next year Rodders ;-). Nick Boyles, you’ve been with Kim and I coming up for 30 years now.. always been able to rely on you, a true soul mate. Your expertise in just about everything has been invaluable to us over the years, and once again you managed to sort yet another incredible tour with seemingly great ease. Awesome job well done bro. Finally I would like to thank Kim.. without whom none of us would be doing it! Your endless energy, enthusiasm and love for everyone is infectious and very humbling. You get better with age and each gig.. and I love and respect you so much and always will… SKYPE ‘N’ LOLL!!! (…and that was the short version!).
Seeya next tour we hope guys!!! YYAAAYYYYYY!!!!
Over and out!

Posted by Rick Wilde at 7:51 AM