So we get on stage last night in Esjberg, and I have static problems with my wireless in-ears. Dave (monitors) changes my pack, and were off.. all good. Stage sound was great, everyone on form and rockin’ out.. the audience were great, but it didn’t feel as mad and noisy as it normally feels, but that only made us work harder.. and in the end it was a fab gig as ever. Kimmy was on top form, singing every note to perfection. Our stalwart bassist Beggsy was jumping around the stage all night like the star (literally) that he is. Neil played some of the best solo’s I’ve ever heard last night, just incredible to say the least. Stevie P, Jonny A and Scarlett were all rocking as hard as ever, without a note or beat out of place. I was by far the best out of all of them 😉
After the gig, we did the usual chill backstage, and had a bite to eat.. showered up and then got on the bus. We arrived at the hotel, and took up our bags and got ready to go out to a local club. All of us meet up in the Irish bar around the corner, have a swift couple of pints of Guinness and mosey on down to the club. We get there and Daz does the blag, and gets us all in for nothing. We get in and the music’s banging with strobes, and Scarlett’s in heaven. She starts work on a new dance called the ‘isolation’ which is then perfected by our resident ballet dancing expert, Jonny A. I leave them to it at 4am ish and head back to the Hotel for some shut eye. I hear the following morning that Jonny A, Sean, and Scarlett didn’t get back until 6.30am. We all congregate outside the bus in the morning.. and guess what.. no Scarlett! I have to get a replica key to get into her room and wake her up as there was no response from her mobile/room phone. A few minutes later there she is staggering through the hotel doors looking like a drowned rat.. to polite ‘golf’ applause from everybody. I’ve never been so proud… that’s ma gal! We all get on the bus.. and after a few phone calls and a chat with Nick, I retire to my bunk waking up a few hours later parked backstage at the gig in Randers.
We go into soundcheck and it’s a very rock ‘n’ roll venue. The stage is looking better and better with each gig, and the lights are looking superb.. everything goes nice and smoothly with a great sound onstage. Should be a great gig in theory (we hope)! Get back to the dressing room and have some dinner, awesome food again.
Now just waiting to go on stage in a few hours..
Life is good! x

Posted by Rick Wilde at 6:51 AM