Time travel with Kim Wilde

The hall of the Grosse Freiheit is well filled, but no-one has to push. You can feel how the tension is rising. Some groups are cheering from time to time, until the blonde Kim Wilde finally comes on stage dressed in black jsut before 10pm.

She beams very naturally when she starts to sing, she seems to have just as much appetite for the concert as her fans. Her big and small songs invite to dance at times, sometimes to shuffle. Vocally she is supported in almost every song, especially during the difficult parts by a brunette singer, who is only in the visual background, however, clearly audible in the fore. This assistance does help but not on the regular sound across the room.

It does not detract from the atmosphere. The big hits like ‘You Keep Me Hangin ‘On’ and ‘Cambodia’ still work, the audience is clapping and are singing along. Without Nena and in English they play the song ‘Irgendwo, irgendwie, irgendwann’. The Depeche Mode cover “Enjoy The Silence” should not have been.

When Kim Wilde leaves the stage after one and a half hours, everyone knows: one song is still lacking. She doesn’t leave the audience waiting for long: she ends the concert with her classic ‘Kids In America’. Here they are again, the old times. Kim Wilde is fun even today.