A love lock on lonely wedding anniversary

On Wednesday Kim Wilde celebrated her 14th wedding anniversary with husband Hal (42), all alone. The marriage is intact, but the celebrity life brings many a burden with it. As her beloved husband could not celebrate with the singer, Kim Wilde marched a short while on the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne and brought for herself and husband Hal a love lock, as thousands of other couples before them …

‘I have seen this when I arrived by train and think it’s really romantic’, says Kim Wilde, beaming in the EXPRESS conversation. ‘We knew eachother just six months when we got married. But when I have a strong feeling I listen to my inner voice, and I have always gone the right way doing so.’

Kim, meanwhile, probably feels alone on her wedding day. She says: ‘My own career has so far been wonderful, it’s worth to pay the price for it.’

For example, to sit alone in a hotel room on the wedding day.