Kim, we have missed you!

With hits like ‘Kids in America’ and ‘You came’ we grew up. Now the Eighties icon Kim Wilde is back with her new album ‘Come out and play’ – a ‘great thing’, like she says in the interview with Grazia. We think it’s true.

Why a comeback?
I couldn’t live with just the old successes. When you have a passion for something, you can’t suppress it for long.

But for some years we didn’t hear anything from you.
I have tried to not make music for a while. My creativity went into the garden. I have studied horticulture.

Did your style change?
Not really. Fortunately I didn’t really get into the Eighties style myself. I was always a jeans and t-shirts girl.

Do you still have old outfits?
No, I have given most of them to charity. Why should I keep them when I can help others with them?

Do you miss something?
There’s one item I would love to have back: the black and white stripey top from the video to ‘Kids in America’.