Kim Wilde and Dr. Theiss kickboxed in the ring

Dr. Christine Theiss will have a new introduction track for her World Championship fight against Iman Ghbalou Chairi on September 4 in the  Arena Lanxess in Cologne. It’s the song ‘Lights Down Low’ by Kim Wilde. ‘A song gives me the last kick in the ring. I have to be built through a song when I climb into the ring and then the song by Kim Wilde fits.’ The kickboxing battle will also be broadcast by Sat.1 for the first time.

On Friday, both got into the ring of Steko’s Sport Center. Kickboxing World Champion has shown the singer some kick-boxing. Kim Wilde did very well. She would be a good talent for kickboxing said coach Mladen Steko. Kim Wilde said Christine is a tough woman. She keeps her fingers crossed for Saturday. ‘Good that I did not have to sing, but only had to show Kim Wilde kickboxing,’ said the German doctor and martial artist, Dr. Christine Theiss.