Kim Wilde: comeback after a long pause!

Kim Wilde releases her new album “Come Out And Play” on August 27. After a long break from the pop business, she’s finally returned to the stage!

With her first single, ‘Lights down low’ (out August 13) from the new album she is already in the process as before to conquer the charts like in the Eighties. About her new single, Kim says: ‘A typical Kim Wilde song hook, strong and very sexy.’

After Kim had retired for many years in private in order to lead a normal life on the edge of the pop star-existence, the question arises, whence came the desire for a revival? Kim replied without hesitation that, ‘In my heart still beats the live performer who wants to express themselves’ and ‘I want to tell stories with music.’

On ‘Come out and play’, thirteen tracks in the style of the 80’s and yet with the influence of the 21st century. The title ‘Love conquers all’, for example, features Eighties icon Nik Kershaw.

With the utmost sophistication of the thirteen tracks created Kim Wilde, her brother Ricky and another team of renowned producers an opulent whole, extraordinary in musicality and linguistic creation. Kim: ‘For exactly 30 years I am now in the music business in the fall, I will 50 years old and” Come Out And Play” is definitely my best album for me for 20 years.’