Kim Wilde: Comeback of a power woman – Come out and play interview

Many certainly know the singer Kim Wilde well and therefore it should not be surprising that the announcement of a new album by Kim Wilde is fun for young and older people, because after a long break in the pop business, Kim Wilde reports back not only with the album ‘Come out and play’, but will also go on a tour.

Whether Kim Wilde can build on from her success in the Eighties with the new album ‘Come out and play’, has still to be determinded, but if a singer from that time has a good chance for such a great comeback, then certainly a powerful woman as Kim Wilde.

While the first single of the album by Kim Wilde was published on August 13 under the title ‘Lights down low’, it will be followed by the album ‘Come out and play’ soon after. With typical Kim Wilde songs in a somewhat modern way the album will certainly be successful in the charts.

After Kim Wilde has enjoyed her private life for years, the vocalist is quite impressive and would like to ‘tell some stories’ with her music again, as commented by Kim Wilde about her latest ‘new’ sound. Similarly, in Kim Wilde still beats the heart of a live performer, who would like to express themselves well.

On ‘Come out and play’, thirteen tracks in the style of the 80’s and yet with the influence of the 21st century. The title ‘Love conquers all’, for example, features Eighties icon Nik Kershaw (‘I won’t let the sun go down on me’). With the utmost sophistication of the thirteen tracks are created for Kim Wilde, her brother Ricky and another team of renowned producers a sumptuous whole, in exceptional musicality and linguistic creation.

Just one knows Kim Wilde and therefore it is not surprising that the singer has to report something on each of their new songs. She tells of her friend Patrick, who died of heart failure or the thoroughly brilliant song ‘Lights down low’, which can shine as the first single.

Eighties icon Kim Wilde about their songs:

“King Of The World”: “I wanted to make a monument for my friend Patrick, who died of heart failure, with this song. He was a great guy and this song was a tribute to his personality. ”

“Lights Down Low”: “A typical Kim Wilde song, a strong hook and very sexy. This was a welcome gift of my new record label Star Watch, which has offered me this song. For that I’ll always love them. Rarely have I gotten such a strong song from a label. Therefore, it is also our first single now. ”

“Real Life”: “Life should be like a wonderful book, full of unusual chapters, characters, challenges, and of course love. Honesty, romance and poetry – these are three of my favorite words. ”

“Greatest Journey”: “I wrote this song together with my brother Ricky. We talked for a long time about things like the universe, spirituality and the meaning of life and came to the conclusion that this long journey can not simply come to an end when one leaves the world. Glenn Gregory of Heaven has 17 assisted us musically. Ricky and I are huge fans, we were ecstatic when he came into the studio to record the song with us. ”

“I Want What I Want”: “Very strong melody and very cheeky text. I’m a fan of cheeky lyrics, it’s just so much fun to perform and always has been a hallmark of Kim Wilde.”

“Love Conquers All”: “Nik Kershaw is featured on this track. I collected his albums for years. It was incredibly exciting to work together with another of my musical heroes.”

“Hey! You!” : “Come out and play” is a line in this song, but also the backbone for the entire album and hence the title of the album. I wanted, namely, that each and every song works live or on the stage.”

“Suicide”: “This song is about greed. How often we want more than we need? And in so many phases of our lives. Always and everywhere: too much sugar, too much pride, too much oil … the list is endless. I fear, greed will defeat us men ever, and there is little hope that this will change someday. ”

“This paranoia”: “On this track I’m especially proud because I could move my son Harry to play a guitar solo. He has been playing some really good electric guitar for years, and I thought this piece could be a great challenge for him. He actually came on admission to the studio and played, and the rest of us held our breath and thought only, wow! ”

“Loving You More”: “This is a wonderful song that my brother played to me a few years ago, which was not recorded until now. It reminds me of a classic ’60s ballad with a beautiful melody and a lot of drama. ”

“Get Out”: “Fulfills my criterium for any album, that at least one song must have a certain ‘bite’. I’ve always liked songs where I got the chance to show another side of me. To sit in the scene can sometimes be just wonderful! I love this song. ”

“My wish is your command” : “My brother and my niece Scarlett wrote ‘My wish’. I am particularly proud that my old guitarist Perry ap Gwynedd from the drum and bass band Pendulum to play a divine rock solo. ”

“Jessica”: “This is the name of our beloved beyond all measure dog. An Airedale terrier, seven years old, and family member. I wrote this song in Stockholm in a single night. I could not sleep and suddenly I had the song in my head – and then on my iPhone. ”

With the utmost sophistication of the thirteen tracks are created for Kim Wilde, her brother Ricky and another team of renowned producers a sumptuous whole, in exceptional musicality and linguistic creation. Kim: “For exactly 30 years I am now in the music business in the fall and I am 50 years old, Come Out And Play ‘to me is probably my best album in 20 years.”

Additionally, with Kim Wilde an extensive interview, which all fans of the singer and wife Kim Wilde certainly will be of interest because it reveals quite what a charming and energetic woman hiding behind the famous singer Kim Wilde.

Interview with Kim Wilde

You’re a family person. You live with your husband and your two children in a farmhouse in the country, and your brother produced your last album. Why is it draws you back on stage after such a long time?
My brother Rick has produced seven of the 13 tracks on the album, there are six other producers who worked on this album, which I am incredibly proud of. I have played with my band several years ago, first on Eighties revival tours, then more and more with my own program in the UK and across Europe. The new album “Come out and play” has a strong relation to the “live” aspect of my career and ties very well to my old hit “Kids in America” and “to Cambodia.” Live performances like these are what is most fun to me today, and the audience seems to be too much. There’s nothing against being a family person at one time and a ‘rock chick’ at another.”

Do you miss the “Pop Life”?
If by “Pop Life” Paparazzi, Celebrity Culture, Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll are meant, no. All I ever wanted was to sing and entertain, and now is the point in my life where I can do better than ever before. I am always been a Pop Junkie, since the first time I have heard in pop music radio in the 60s, when I was a little girl. Today I sing and give more concerts than ever.

What is your favorite song from “Come Out and Play” and why?
Good question. Today it’s “Get out” but yesterday it was “Real Life”. What I can say is that this album turned out exactly as I’d always hoped for, authentic, melodic, anthemic, and full of pop and rock inspiration.

How did you come to this album title?
“Come out and Play” is a line from “Hey You”, one of my new songs. I have this song together with an extremely talented songwriters in Sweden written Christmas 2009. A journalist asked me last week on what the song goes. I told him that it revolves around sex and he was immediately red.

Does your family like the new album?
Hary plays a cool guitar solo in “This paranoia,” and Rose loves this song the most. I would say they are all on it.

How is it to have for your children such a famous mother?
You should really ask them. So far, they haven’t much noticed from my other life I lived and lived largely as a mother, or gardener. In recent years, has her picture of me through my live concerts and started my shots to make a difference but I believe only in a positive way. Rose loves to play piano and sing, and Harry is well on the electric guitar. I am also a “Celebrity” father grew up but for me it was always just my Dad.

Do you want your children even enter times into the music business?
It looks as though I would rejoice if Harry became a tree surgeon, and Rose would be wrestler.

You worked with Nena very successful. Are you friends?
Nena and I have great respect for each other, we support and we like each other. Our lives are full of family and professional obligations and from time to time we will meet at our great fortune to share. I have only admiration for Nena and many thanks for having given me with “Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime” such a big hit. Nena has inspired me to rediscover my internal “Rock-Chick”.

You have a very successful garden show on TV. Do you still?
No, the gardening television history is over for me, but it was great 10 years ago when our children were still little.

How do you keep yourself fit?
I have a personal trainer since I have children and I have always enjoyed many walks in the Lake District where my husband’s family lives and of course at home with our much loved dog Jessica. Good food and wine in moderation (mostly!), No smoking and no drugs. Boring? No way.

Can your fans look forward to a tour from you?
Yes, I will be on tour in Europe in February 2011.

Will your family accompany you on your trip?
Yes, from time to time, if the school allows it. Perhaps Harry being there and play at a few concerts. That would be something.