Kim Wilde's crazy UFO confession

Published in
Bild (Germany)

She hung as a poster in every boy's room in the '80s: Pop-blonde Kim Wilde ("Kids in America", "You Keep Me Hangin 'On"). In the mid-90s she retired after 20 million records sold, and mainly took care for her children and her garden. Now singer Kim Wilde (50) is back - with a crazy UFO confession! met Kim Wilde a day after her 50th Birthday. In the interview, the British surprised with a UFO story that has come up. Kim Wilde: "A year ago I saw a UFO. I know it sounds crazy, but it was in my backyard. These lights came from the East, then they stopped and then they danced. If you do not believe me, it was also mentioned in our local paper. I was not the only one who has seen it. It was a day after Michael Jackson died."

Imagination, or a heavenly sign? Or is Kim Wilde pulling our leg? One thing is certain: her comeback CD is called 'Come out and play' (sold since August), and in February and March she is on tour in Germany. Let's see, if Kim still surprises us then...