“Not as sporty as Madonna”

Singer Kim Wilde about her personal trainer and her tour with Michael Jackson.

When her name is mentioned, one immediately starts singing: ‘Kids in America’. Or ‘Cambodia’. At least when you were busy with music in the Eighties, the name Kim Wilde, 49, reminds you of hits, hairspray and hot disco nights. During the interview in Hamburg there is not much to be seen from the wild Wilde anymore. The mother of two reveals that the role of popstar has always been a bit uncomfortable to her. Still, she gladly releases the comeback record ‘Come out and play’

Your trademark is the blonde manes. Are you irritated by the colouring now?
No, the blonde hair belongs with me. Only during and after my pregancies I didn’t colour my hair and had the natural colour. But then I did hav ethe feeling that I left the popstar Kim Wilde behind. But I was still missing the blonde hair

From the middle of the Nineties you retired for almost ten years. Why?
I got married and had children. My family fulfilled me. And in the limelight I always felt a bit out of place anyway.

You were on tour with David Bowie, and in 1988 you were the opening act during Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ tour.
And that’s where I saw the downside of the pop business. For instance, how quickly you can lose yourself. Michael Jackson was completely isolated, no-one could get close to him. Somehow it was comical. Michael was at the peak of his career, but one knew his light couldn’t shine forever. In Copenhagen his management managed to have a whole entertainment park closed for him. I never wanted anything like that. It was a circus and somehow it was sad.

You are a passionate gardener as well. Is it your recipe to keep fit?
Partly yes, or going for a walk with our dog. But I confess, I also have a personal trainer. Unfortunately I’m not as sporty as Madonna. For sports I have to torture myself.