Not at all old: Kim Wilde’s second spring discovered in Saxony

Leipzig can look forward to an event – Dresden is not far away and the place where Kim Wilde appears at the local Palace of Culture in March 2011. Family person Kim Wilde celebrates with her newly released album ‘Come Out And Play’ her comeback. For her, this means a return from her family garden to a European tour and a return to the big clubs.

In 2007, she was still a guest at the Brandenburg state garden show. This need not be considered a failure. Trained as a landscape gardener, she hosted gardening programs on British television and wrote articles in newspapers and magazines, to bridge a period of musical drought, but also because she can do more than singing alone.

The small woman with the big voice was at the end of the eighties on the road with Michael Jackson and David Bowie and had to endure a certain lull in her native England in the mid-Eighties. About the two tours with the then probably biggest pop stars she recalls: ‘They were my musical heroes, I still remember the tour with Michael Jackson – we were in this amazing circus on the road.’

The petite singer adds: ‘It was an amazing experience and I think Michael would have liked it most if this circus would have gone on and on. It was wonderful to see him so close during these fantastic moments of perfection and it was… unbelievable, even for a while to be associated with.’

In Germany, however, she is as popular as ever. With ‘Come Out And Play’, Kim Wilde is back. Number 10 in the charts, now the tour in late February and early March in the German Republic. The Saxons have the opportunity to see Kim Wilde live on 2 March.

Kim also has an anecdote about the album title. ”Come out and Play’ is a line of ‘Hey You’, one of my new songs. I got this song together with  extremely talented songwriters in Sweden just before Christmas 2009. Last week a journalist asked me to say what the song was about. I told him that it is about sex and he was immediately red. ‘

The woman has humor in any case. Her unique voice is also quite large, the old power of her great successes in the eighties, it has been rediscovered, as is heard impressively in the album opener ‘King Of The World’.

The first single, the catchy number ‘Lights Down Low’ was released in mid-August of this year. Again, the great hymn, the sugary melody is heard, rock music instruments and much electric sounds. As if the last twenty years have never gone by so quietly, Kim shines a friendly beam of pop to the counters.

No wonder Kim Wilde sounds like a rebirth from thirty years ago. As with the debut at the time, this time someone helped out strong with the family. Says Kim Wilde: ‘My brother Rick has produced 7 of the 13 tracks on the album, there are six other producers who worked on this album, which I am incredibly proud.’

Where today’s pop icons like Lady Gaga always tread forward in a sex-driven, provocative manner, the friendly mother from London comes in front of anyone with ‘Come Out And Play’. She moves even here in an adult league. The wide sweeping gestures and the facets of human emotions dominated Kim Wilde like no other. She had never had need to undress to panties, to sell her albums. Even if they do not stingy with their feminine charms to boost sales. Marketing is sometimes the strangest ways.

Kim Wilde celebrated primarily with their debut album released in 1981 and its resulting hits ‘Kids In America’ and ‘Chequered Love’ her greatest success. The now 50-year-old Kim Wilde has not lost any of the potential she had at that time, especially when she had a surprise hit with the NDW beauty Nena with the duet ‘Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime’. She was never away from the spotlights in Germany.

‘Nena and I have great respect for each other, we support and we like each other. Our lives are full of family and professional obligations and from time to time we meet at our good fortune to share. I have only admiration for Nena and great thanks that it has given me such a big hit with ‘Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime’. Nena has inspired me to rediscover my inner ‘Rock Chick’, says Kim Wilde in praise of her colleague.

In 2006 her initial comeback album ‘Never say never’ was released, which took her to local clubs in spring of 2009. Wilde: ‘I have played with my band several years ago, first on Eighties revival tours, then more and more with my own program in the UK and across Europe, the new album ‘Come out and play’ has a strong connection to the live aspect of my career and ties very well to my old hits ‘Kids in America’ and ‘Cambodia’. Live performances are the thing I enjoy most today, and the audience seems to like very well. It says absolutely nothing against being a family person and a ‘rock chick’ at the same time.

Now the test run is successfully completed, Kim Wilde is back to show off new with the old power, even if she is treated by her British compatriots like the prophet in her own country. The German fans are more loyal and they visit with numerous security in Dresden and cheer. First, fans have the opportunity to appreciate her newfound sound on 18 September at the ‘Late Night SWR’.