On the lookout for the sound of the 21st century

Kim Wilde has used her pause as an artist to become a gardener and let her ideas grow. The British singer goes on tour with new songs and wants to show in Frankfurt as well that she hasn’t stayed behind in the Eighties.

Landscaping was always the second profession of Kim Wilde. During her four-year absence from the stage she was completely devoted to this special passion. ‘I have written articles on garden architecture, TV shows, moderated, but actually worked in the garden,’ Wilde said, now in Hamburg. A lot of it was really hard work and stands completely in opposite to the music. Her new album ‘Come out and play’ appears in late August, the single ‘Lights down low’ is just out.

Wilde had their breakthrough in 1981 with her song ‘Kids in America’. With other hits such as ‘Chequered love’, ‘Cambodia’, ‘You keep me hangin’ on’ and ‘You came’ she became an international star and sold around 20 million albums. Nevertheless, she remained steadfast. ‘I’m satisfied with what I have,’ says Wilde, and is counting on: ‘I have a good health, a wonderful family, a profession I’m passionate love, and I have a very nice dog. For the seven-year-old Airedale Terrier named Jessica Wilde has a specially composed song.

The London-born daughter of rock ‘n’ roll singer Marty Wilde feels mature, which is also reflected in her new album. The 13 new tracks she wrote with her brother Ricky. Their music was harsher than previous songs, believes Wilde. The focus lies in creating a sound that recalls the popular music of the 80s, but still compatible with the modern sound of the 21st century. With a mix of distorted guitars, synth sounds and a stronger voice than they used to see the 49-year-old arrived at a new life. To her fans Kim will present the album in 2011 during her tour of Germany, which on 22 February also leads to Frankfurt.

Wilde is not worried about the upcoming tour stress. Three months before her 50th birthday she is full of energy. Her inspiration always comes from her performances these days. However, the latest musical pause was necessary to find new ideas and views to gather other impressions.