Popstar Kim Wilde is looking forward to the Hamburg audience

Kim Wilde characterises her style as ‘Rock pop’, influenced from her beginnings. On March 4, 2011 she comes to the Congress Centrum Hamburg.

In the Eighties she whirled on all the European stages with energy and enthusiasm. Everyone sang her hit ‘Kids in America’ and she became a world star overnight. The British singer is sitting relaxed and surrounded by a number of pillows on a sofa in a suite at the hotel The George. She still has the blonde mane, she wears lip gloss on the lips, black trousers, black blazer, black sandals and a t-shirt with rhinestones, so much rock there has to be. The 49 year old speaks with a quiet voice about her memories of Hamburg. This of course includes a number of appearances: ‘Every time the audience is incredible’, she says very diplomatic. She still remembers one ‘funny thing’.

It was in the late Eighties, when she found herself eating a mackerel at the fish market on the Reeperbahn. ‘It was fantastic how much was happening there. I thought everyone would be asleep by then.’ You could easily imagine to go once more but ‘this time I would have to sleep beforehand and not celebrate’. She has visited the Christmas market with just as much enthusiasm (‘That is a beautiful German tradition’) as a classical concert – her first of its kind. ‘It moved me so much that I had tears in my eyes.’

Kim Wilde returned into the limelight when she recorded an English version of ‘Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann’ with Nena in 2003. Her 2006 album was produced by Nena’s producers. Kim Wilde’s new album ‘Come out and play’ is released on August 27. She characterises it as ‘Rock pop’, influenced by her musical beginnings. And she will prove this to the Hamburgers on March 4, 2011, when she performs at the Congress Centrum Hamburg.