Review – Come out and play

Mrs Wilde has swapped the gardeners apron for a leather pants with their initials (which she wears so often), and recorded a new album, ‘Come Out and Play’. A record with the typical pop appeal, from which Kim Wilde is known.

In addition to her work in the recording studio and on stage, Kim Wilde wrote books, hosted television shows and radio programmes, and established itself as a highly regarded landscape architect. “The work on the new album has given me a huge amount of fun, and I thought the one time or another, I should not have waited so long to do it. On the other hand I now have many other beautiful experiences, I have raised two children and could allow me to master other artistic challenges. In any case, better later than never.”

With Michael Jackson and David Bowie on tour

The wild Kim is definitely a Star: Someone who has appeared in the opening act for Michael Jackson in front of 100,000 people, or with David Bowie on tour can do everything. She knows how many records they sold (20 million) and knows her market value and this opinion she takes very confidently.

With her comeback she runs at the record labels like Sony / Columbia into open doors: they won’t have to invest money into an unknown artist for years, hoping it will pay off someday. Here the cash register is ringing immediately. Because there are certainly enough loyal fans to the Kim Wilde who was an idol in the Eighties, with her white British look and blonde manes. ‘Cambodia’, ‘Kids in America’ and ‘Chequered Love’ can’t be missed at any party, when Eighties people are socializing. And since they certainly listen to Green Day or Coldplay nowadays, they will also like ‘Come out and play’ (‘Suicide’, ‘This paranoia’).

Duet with Nick Kershaw

Moreover, everyone who connects with the Eighties as the age of wonderful memories will be looking forward to a comeback by Nik Kershaw, with whom Kim Wilde sings the duet ‘Love conquers all’. Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17 also appears, on the song ‘Greatest Journey’ about which Kim says: ‘I wrote the song together with Ricky, my brother. We have long talked about things like the universe, spirituality and the meaning of life and came to the conclusion that this long journey can not simply come to an end when one leaves the world. ‘

The producers – including Kim Wilde’s 71 year old Rock’n’Roll Daddy Marty Wilde – have cleverly looked into the entire pop / rock back catalog, for example, ‘Hey! You!’ shamelessly adapts Depeche Mode’s ‘Personal Jesus’. But Wilde also tried a Madonna, or the pop track ‘Real life’ as Kylie Minogue.

All in all, a successful pop album, which should be received by radio format with open arms.