Review – Come out and play

Finally it’s here. Kim Wilde is releasing a new album today in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Everyone is talking about a big comeback, they seem to forget that Kim has been playing lots of gigs the last years and released ‘Never Say Never’ in 2006, an album with a couple of new songs and new versions of old hits.

But this time, Kim has recorded an album with all brand new fantastic tracks. The first one, ‘King Of The World’, shows that she still with almost 50 can rock. The up tempo song goes directly to your heart and Kim wrote the song for a very close friend who suddenly died last year. ‘Lights Down Low’, the first single from the album, is a typical Wilde song, strong melody and sexy lyrics, although this one was a present from her new record label and not written by the Wilde ones. ‘Real Life’ is a very radio friendly nice cute pop song about life should be a wonderful book and ‘Greatest Journey’ is an addictive duet with Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17. ‘I Want What I Want’ is another hit song with a great message. Followed by the wonderful ballad ‘Love Conquers All’, featuring Nik Kershaw on guest vocals, but if you wouldn`t know, you hardly recognise him. The powerful rock song ‘Hey You’ will either annoy Depeche Mode fans or they take it as a tribute to their favourite band. ‘Suicide’ is another killer track and ‘This Paranoia’ is pure fun pop! ‘Loving You More’, another nice ballad which Kim sang during her last concerts is followed by the abolute highlight of the album: ‘Get Out’. This is the best song on the whole album, a fantastic up-tempo song that screams big hit all over! This should be a single. ‘My Wish Is Your Command’ reminds of old 80s tracks from Kim and the last song, the way too short  cute ‘Jessica’ is a dedication to her dog Jess, an airdale terrier.

It’s great that Kim is back in such a great form, sounding fresher than ever and she loves to make new records again! This album is her best since the 1988 released ‘Close’ and will bring her back into the Top Ten of the German charts for sure! Other countries should follow. The WILDE one is back!