Review – Come out and play

Pro: A few years after her successful comeback Kim is back again. Who is she? Well, the singer from world hits like ‘Cambodia’, ‘Kids in America’, ‘If I can’t have you’, ‘Love is holy’ and ‘You came’. Until now the passionate gardener has released ten albums, her latest one came in 2006 and reached number 17 in the German charts. Her new album ‘Come out and play’ gives the fan a well launched and vocally strong Kim, who plays with recent music trends, but doesn’t desperately cling to a young sound. For me it’s a successful comeback of the singer of ‘You keep me hangin’ on’.

Contra: After her attempt to get success in Germany with Nena, now to release an album that could have been sung by any other Eighties blonde. It is uninspired and tiresome. For fans it is surely a pleasure.