Review – Come out and play

‘It’s an album that reminds you of the Eighties, but still sounds very 21st century’, says Kim Wilde (‘Kids in America’) about her new album ‘Come out and play’. Whatever will be will be, in any case the passionate landscape gardener (with her own BBC series) wants to have her piece of the Eighties revival cake. And why not? The follow-up to ‘Never say never’ from 2006 is an overall success. Classic good mood pop (‘I want what I want’, ‘Real life’) sounds like rock with a new wave sound, just like the first single ‘Lights down low’ and the forcefully punkish ‘My wish is your command’.

The 49-year-old has dusted off the synth-pop of earlier albums, only the terribly kitschy “Love Conquers All” Nik Kershaw (who still remembers him?) goes completely in the pants. Scan Tips: ‘Real life’, ‘My wish is your command’.