Rustic homely comfort: This is how Kim Wilde lives

The soon to be 50 years old popstar has just released an album and is preparing for a big Europe tour. She does find the time to relax in her beautiful home though.

She became worldknown in 1981 with the huge hit ‘Kids in America’ and has delivered lots of hits that has brought her countless of music awards. The soon to be 50 years old Kim Wilde is far from finish yet. This August she released the single ‘Lights down low’, and shortly after the album ‘Come out and play’. The lady has managed to create the ideal family life despite a busy carreer in music. Kim lives in a big house in the little town Welwyn in England together with her husband, actor and singer Hal Fowler the couples two children – the son Harry 12 years and daugther Rose 10 years old.

Green fingers

During her first pregnancy Kim got interested in Gardens and flowers and went through an education as landscape gardener. She then got hired by Channel 4 as hostes on the program ‘Better gardens’. She later changed to BBC, where she did ‘Garden invaders’. Kim is also a garden nerd when private. She has fondled and pottered about so much in her private garden that she won a gold medal in a prestigious garden show for it.
The blonde pop chick hasn’t been doing any Gardens on TV. She spends her time on the music instead. She will be on tour through Europe in February next year, but first she will turn 50 on November 18.