She always has a photograph of the Wall with her

English pop singer Kim Wilde (49, ‘Kids in America’): always when she is on the road, she has a sad Berlin photograph with her.

August 13 is in fact a beautiful day for Kim Wilde. Her song ‘Lights down low’ appears as a single from her rocky album ‘Come out and play’, with which she endeavours her comeback.

While she speaks about this with the KURIER, she suddenly takes a photograph from her case with a black frame. For August 13 is also a sad day for her.

The photo, made by her father, shows the singer as she stands on the wall behind the Brandenburg Gate in 1984. ‘I was shocked when I saw it back then’, says Kim. ‘I felt the pain that came from this monstrosity, where people died and which divided the city I loved so much. That’s why I always keep the image with me.’