Articles 2011

19 December 2011 Review – Quo Festive at Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle website (UK)
14 December 2011 80’s pop star jumps out of the boots and back on stage Politiken (Denmark)
14 December 2011 Kim Wilde guest stars on new Herts crime advice video Herts and Essex Observer (UK)
14 December 2011 Review – Status Quo, Quofestive, BIC Daily Echo (UK)
12 December 2011 The pop icon Kim Wilde: Gardening changed my life Søndag (Denmark)
9 December 2011 Legends line up for a rock’n’roll Christmas treat; Quofest Capital FM Arena Nottingham Evening Post (UK)
7 December 2011 “I know how despair feels” FreundinDonna (Germany) (January 2012 issue)
7 December 2011 Review – Status Quo + Roy Wood + Kim Wilde @ Birmingham LG Arena, 3rd December 2011 Midlands rocks website (UK)
6 December 2011 Review – Status Quo, Motorpoint Arena The Star (UK)
6 December 2011 Turning point at 50th birthday Bunte website (Germany)
5 December 2011 Snapshots from the life of a pop star 24 timer (Denmark)
5 December 2011 Review – Snapshots Angora Weekly magazine (Poland)
5 December 2011 Review – Quofestive: Status Quo, Roy Wood and Kim Wilde at the LG Arena Birmingham Mail website (UK)
5 December 2011 Kim Wilde about parents and children Søndag website (Denmark)
2 December 2011 Kim Wilde is wild about Rihanna Ekstra Bladet (Denmark)
2 December 2011 Interview: Kim Wilde website (UK)
29 November 2011 Winehouse was “overwhelmed by her talent”. Wilde wants compassion for addicts website (Germany)
25 November 2011 Review – Snapshots Gazeta Prawna (Poland)
21 November 2011 Kim Wilde: 6 snapshots from my life Femina (Denmark)
21 November 2011 Traumrock: Completely launched with Kim Wilde and Major Tom website (Germany)
16 November 2011 ‘Mullets are bad, nasty things’ The Sun (UK)
13 November 2011 With Kim Wilde all are green Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)
12 November 2011 Whatever happened to… Kim Wilde Daily Express Saturday magazine (UK)
1 November 2011 “Most of the time we plant potatoes” Kräuterwind Welt (Germany)
22 October 2011 British singer Kim Wilde will appear at Traumrock OTZ website (Germany)
19 October 2011 Kim Wilde Joins Boy George’s Charge Back to 1980s Pop in London website (UK)
18 October 2011 Review – Heaven 17 / British Electric Foundation, Roundhouse London – 14/15.10.11 The Music Fix website (UK)
16 October 2011 Kim Wilde… likes to pack light, turn the phone off and keep a close eye on the kids The Sun Herald (Australia)
15 October 2011 Kim Wilde rocks the Liederhalle Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)
11 October 2011 “I didn’t want to be the last one at the party” 16 vor website (Germany)
10 October 2011 80s star Kim Wilde coming back to play at Rewind 80s festival in Kembla Grange website (Australia)
10 October 2011 “Blondie hits are sacred to me” Kölner Stadt Anzeiger website (Germany)
8 October 2011 Coffee drinkers in Welwyn Hatfield raise a cuppa and cash for Macmillan Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
6 October 2011 Kim Wilde: “It’s the great thing about pop music: it makes you younger” Never get old? [book] (Germany)
29 September 2011 Snapshots: Kim always wild website (Germany)
28 September 2011 Coffee time! Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
23 September 2011 Gardens: spring bulbs Guardian website (UK)
22 September 2011 Kim Wilde, musician ME Style (Germany)
18 September 2011 Emma P. reports from Dreamball 2011 Red Carpet Reports website (Germany)
6 September 2011 Kim Wilde in an interview on Germany, social media and her album “Snapshots” website (Germany)
5 September 2011 “A song is a sound postcard” Le Nouvelliste (Switzerland)
2 September 2011 “What a trip it was!” Der Freitag (Germany)
1 September 2011 Kim Wilde still cooks for her children after her comeback Man ist was man isst (Germany)
31 August 2011 The Queen of the choruses Rheinische Post Düsseldorf (Germany)
29 August 2011 “I have a voice that shows emotions” Le Matin (Switzerland)
28 August 2011 Singer Kim Wilde finds fulfillment in gardening Aargauer Zeitung (Switzerland)
28 August 2011 Composting with Kim Wilde Die Welt (Germany)
26 August 2011 “We need more real types”: The singer Kim Wilde bows before pop music in her album “Snapshots” Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany)
25 August 2011 Review – Snapshots website (Switzerland)
23 August 2011 Nostalgia: Kim Wilde is back! 20 minutes (Switzerland)
21 August 2011 Kim Wilde: “My son hates my music!” Blick (Switzerland)
19 August 2011 Kim Wilde extended at Sony Music, Columbia Four Musikwoche (Germany)
18 August 2011 Kim Wilde: “I have Nena to thank for my comeback” IN magazine (Germany)
13 August 2011 “I can’t be hurt anymore” Sächsische Zeitung (Germany)
12 August 2011 Quo aching all over the world Birmingham Evening Mail (UK)
6 August 2011 Me and my school photo: Kim Wilde Daily Mail Weekend supplement (UK)
1 August 2011 Sun, songs and silliness… Rewind Festival had the lot The Courier (UK)
30 July 2011 Shopping tour with Kim Wilde Hamburger Morgenpost (Germany)
29 July 2011 Between the eighties and apple harvest Berliner Morgenpost (Germany)
29 July 2011 Kim Wilde urges compassion for drug addicts Bunte website (Germany)
27 July 2011 Wild summer concert in the amphitheater Gelnhäuser Tageblatt (Germany)
25 July 2011 Indestructible tube Frankfurter Neue Presse (Germany)
23 July 2011 Kim Wilde ‘stars’ in Nightmare on ‘Elms’ Street Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
17 July 2011 She can still do it: Kim Wilde Interview with website (Germany)
5 July 2011 Around 50 000 visitors over three days Märkische Allgemeine (Germany)
4 July 2011 Party atmosphere in the rain website (Germany)
3 July 2011 A prosecco with mrs Wilde Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (Germany)
1 July 2011 Kim Wilde records music videos in Bonn General Anzeiger (Germany)
1 July 2011 Kim Wilde: “Kameha is sensational” Express (Germany)
1 July 2011 Who is tanning here in the spotlights? Bild (Germany)
1 July 2011 Stereoblonde: birthday gift for Kim Wilde is a hit website (Germany)
1 July 2011 Interview: Kim Wilde Blu (Germany)
30 June 2011 Kim Wilde behind the scenes: Pop star meets MZ-readers in Landsberg near anniversary celebration. Petra Zieger also performs. Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (Germany)
30 June 2011 Every time the boss in the ring Südwest Presse (Germany)
26 June 2011 Summer fairy tale with a belated happy ending website (Germany)
26 June 2011 Kim Wilde: ‘I’m more rock ‘n’ roll now than in the 80s’ Celebs on Sunday - The Sunday Mirror Magazine (UK)
24 June 2011 English pop singer Kim Wilde to appear in autumn concert Neue Zuger Zeitung (Switzerland)
21 June 2011 Kim Wilde in Metropool Lust for life magazine website (Netherlands)
20 June 2011 New album “Snapshots” by Kim Wilde comes August 26 website (Germany)
19 June 2011 Retropop 2011 massively attended website (Netherlands)
16 June 2011 Tweet of the week Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
16 June 2011 ‘I was especially good at wearing lipstick’ De Twentse Courant Tubantia (Netherlands)
14 June 2011 Kim Wilde outed herself as a fan Revier Sport Online (Germany)
11 June 2011 ‘I’m so grateful to Nena’ Westfalen Blatt (Germany)
29 May 2011 Kim Wilde and Barclay James Harvest rocked Bayreuth Nordbayerische Nachrichten (Germany)
27 May 2011 Interview with Kim Wilde: She loves beer, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut Nordbayerische Kurier (Germany)
17 May 2011 Magic Life now offers live concerts OE24 website (Austria)
1 May 2011 My nights with Kim Wilde Jukebox (France)
1 May 2011 Kim rocked off like a wild one Kleine Zeitung (Austria)
1 April 2011 Like mother like daughter Woman & Home (UK)
27 March 2011 Kim Wilde is looking forward to performing in Frederikshavn website (Denmark)
18 March 2011 Kim Wilde back in time Le Parisien (France)
10 March 2011 Tributes to West Cumbrian businessman, 45, killed in helicopter crash Times & Star (UK)
3 March 2011 Almost everything as before Eßlinger Zeitung (Germany)
3 March 2011 As if it were only yesterday? Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)
1 March 2011 My nights with Kim Wilde Modzik (France)
28 February 2011 Seen: Kim Wilde in Mannheim website (Germany)
27 February 2011 Kim Wilde shows that there is an alternative to middle age Abendzeitung München (Germany)
25 February 2011 Doing the right thing at the right moment; Kim Wilde on “Come out and play” tour in the Old Opera celebrated – “Kids in America” ​​as an encore Gelnhäuser Tageblatt (Germany)
24 February 2011 Kim Wilde’s blonde hair is blowing again B.Z. (Germany)
24 February 2011 Nostalgy in black website (Germany)
24 February 2011 Love is blond Frankfurter Neue Presse (Germany)
24 February 2011 Simply a good time Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany)
24 February 2011 So wonderful… It was a wonderful time Main-Netz (Germany)
24 February 2011 Through the back door into the pop business Sächsische Zeitung (Germany)
23 February 2011 In the storm of passion Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany)
23 February 2011 With a touch of ABBA; Kim Wilde evokes mixed feelings at her German tour opener in Cologne General-Anzeiger Bonn (Germany)
22 February 2011 Kim Wilde live HR1 website (Germany)
17 February 2011 Laurent Voulzy & Kim Wilde: a history without end Paris Match (France)
11 February 2011 Kim Wilde: “Fame has never made me hysterical” France Soir (France)