British singer Kim Wilde will appear at Traumrock

Kim Wilde will delight her fans from Thüringen with an appearance on November 19 at the exhibition hall in Erfurt. Susan Eberlein spoke with the British singer.

On your new album, “Snapshots” you cover songs from Diana Ross, The Cure and even the Sugarbabes. Who came up with this idea?
In the last five years I’ve worked with a lot of cover versions. And on the last tour we played old Kim Wilde songs and songs by artists which me and my band like. Ultimately, my record company had the idea to make an album of cover songs.

You have gecovert hits from five decades of pop and different directions. Do you think the album is still one unit?
That was initially my biggest concern. After all, I didn’t want to string together loose songs, but make an album. And I also didn’t want to make it sound like a karaoke album, but to make the songs my own. That worked and I am very glad. I must also thank the producers who have the same passion for pop like me.

Why was it these 14 songs that made it onto the album?
I have a special relationship with all of the songs on the album in some way. ‘Anyone who had a heart’ by Cilla Black, for example, is one of the first pop songs I fell in love with. When I re-recorded this song, it was overwhelming for me.

Which cover version has been difficult for you?
With “In Between Days” by The Cure I had difficulties at first. I won’t say that I made a better version than the original, but they are equivalent. And it’s interesting how a song sounds when it’s sung by a woman instead of a man.

Have you gotten any feedback from the artists you were covering?
Not so far. In the UK, the album is not yet released. But then maybe I’ll get some feedback next year. Let’s see.

Which artist or band which should cover one of your songs?
That’s an interesting question. I think Jessie J is really good, but I can not imagine her singing my songs. Perhaps Hailey Golding. Her voice is amazing.

You have always made pop music. What do you think is special about pop?
Pop is a small word, but such a big screen. I mean, pop contains so many different styles. Pop can make people happy, sad, or inspiring. And it plays an important role in the lives of many people, including my own. There were also decades during which Pop was a dirty word. But there is a new respect. And that is long overdue.

In Germany, the fashion of the 80s is currently enjoying a comeback. Young girls wear leggings and oversized shirts.
I think it still looks good. I am glad that this fashion is coming back and I’m looking forward to wear them in winter. Some clothes from that time have been embarrassing, above all the hairstyles and the shoulder pads. I have previously worn them, but not much. I was a T-shirt and jeans type, something rather boyish.

You have understood it even then, to attract attention. True to the motto “sex sells”. Rihanna and Lady Gaga do that today.
That’s right. It has not really changed much. Elvis was filmed earlier only from the waist, his hips so that no one sees. That was during my time in the 80’s quite different. However, I never felt bad about it. On the contrary, I enjoyed it. Pop and sex have always belonged together.

How are you today about it?
With almost 50 years I have even more fun on stage. Everyone knows that I am a mum. This gives me a license to see everything a little looser. I enjoy it very much. And I realize that I still enjoy it, after a long pause – even when I’m performing my old hits.

Some critics say, however, that you had better retire.
Yes, that’s true. But in turn, I think that I can still make good music. And how it is received, I’ll leave that to my audience and not the critics.

Erfurt is among other things known for its sausages. I’ve heard you love German food?
Sure. I try on my travels, not to overdo it, but sometimes I can not help it. And after the show in Erfurt I’ll surely eat a bratwurst.