Every time the boss in the ring

She was one of the pop icons of the 80s. At the concert at Ulmer Zelt Kim Wilde offered 750 visitors her big hits and countless cover versions. An unforgettable scene with party guarantee.

Because of sluggish ticket sales, was Kim Wilde in the program of the tent Ulmer something like the problem child, and with 750 some expectations weren’t met. Nevertheless, the concert with the British became one of those memorable evenings in the Friedrichsau. Outside in the beer benches and meadows was almost impossible to move anymore – a dream summer in a tent format. Inside it was hot, very hot.

Kim Wilde certainly gave the more than 40 degrees on the stage no attention. Her focus was solely her band and the audience. The 50-year-old, formerly known as Brigitte Bardot of pop may have gained a few pounds, she has lost nothing of her voice. As she stood there as a blonde ‘Lady in Black’, with flowing hair, she was ready for everything. There was nothing embarrassing, perhaps only the appearance of peroxide blonde bassist who appeared to come from the stone age of heavy metal, and the sometimes exaggerated hard rock posing of the band.

The audience enjoyed it, as well as the sound in the original outfit of the 80 included guitar solos and keyboard sounds that were custom made from the old days, but it fit the music like a glove. Kim Wilde was at any time the boss in the ring, whether solo or in two voices with the strong backing vocals that fit very well, and most of all she seemed to like what she did overall.

Her hit with Nena, ‘Anyplace, anywhere, anytime’ functioned well without Mrs Kerner, and ‘Cambodia’ was acclaimed at an early hour for the first peak. Instead of her own songs, Kim Wilde continued to prefer interpretations of pop songs and was also successful in marketing her own cause. In August, the album ‘Snapshots’, filled with cover versions of their favorite songs. In the tent there was some preview of this album. “I’ll stand by you” by the Pretenders served as widescreen pop hymn, “Sleeping Satellite” by Tasmin Archer contrasted well as an acoustic unplugged version.

Prior to “The second time,” she urged the fans to make friends easily with the tent next door. This worked to deep funk bass, and Kim enjoyed it clearly. “I love pop music,” she admitted, not entirely surprising, and celebrated with “Forever Young” by Alphaville, who appear in the tent live next week. “I have quite a lot of fun for a 50-year-old housewife,” she was fishing for compliments ironically, then with “You Came” and “You Keep Me Hangin On” she delivered two mega-hits for the big finale.

Of course, encores were demanded. And the three songs could hardly be more colorful in its impact. “Ça plane pour moi” by Plastic Bertrand was served with plenty of Rock ‘n’ Roll Drive. The musical highlight of the evening was without question the good version of Depeche Mode hits “Enjoy the Silence” with strong melody parts.

And then let’s not forget about “Kids in America”. “We really have the best job in the world,” was Kim Wilde said in the tent, and she had done a great job. Not only the hair held in the heat of battle. There was more than just “A Little Respect”.