Kim Wilde about parents and children

Kim Wilde is back with her current cover album ”Snapshots” with 14 of her favorite songs. SØNDAG met with her in Copenhagen and had a chat about children and parents among other things. This week in Søndag you can read the big interview with Kim Wilde.

The Pop idol Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde, who had several hits in the 80’s with songs like ”Kids in America”, ”Cambodia” and ”Chequered love”, is the oldest daughter of the teenage idol Marty Wilde and singer Joyce Baker. The parents are still together, and their life long love has learned Kim Wilde that is it worth waiting for the right partner in life.

So she did, and as 36 year old she met the singer and actor, with whom she married 6 months later. They have the children Harry and Rose, 14 and 12 next January.

The children have brought me closer to my own parents

”Through the years the relationship with my parents has changed, since I got the children. They are fantastic grand parents, and they adore the children. I think my parents have brought us closer together. Sometimes they build a bridge between the children and I”, she says.

Kim Wilde’s parents always encouraged their children to do the things they wanted, and become the best at whatever they decided. That might be the reason that Kim Wilde has won several prices for her music and a Gold medal for the best Garden design in an international competition. This was after she took an education as a gardener while she was pregnant. She encouraged her own children the same way.

They are told to choose with the heart. ”Harry is skateboarding and plays the guitar. He is a very private person, and he loves his mum”, she says and laughs. ”He still asks me to snuggle him before he goes to sleep”.

”Rose is an angel. She loves to sing and dance. She writes music, it is her fate. I am more insecure if this is what Harry wants to do, even though he is very talented. Right now the skateboard is all that matters to him. I’ve told him to spread his his interests more, to maybe get a more interesting life.”