Kim Wilde extended at Sony Music, Columbia Four

The new CD by Kim Wilde, her first album of covers appears on the label Seven One Music, which is operated jointly by Sony Music Columbia Four and Starwatch. The new production, “Snapshots” appears on 26 August. On the album Kim Wilde interprets songs by a.o. The Cure, Suede, Mike Oldfield, Diana Ross, Cilla Black and the Sugababes.

The previous album “Come out and play” was also published by Sony Music in 2010. It reached number ten in the weekly top 100 albums chart. Her concert organizers Semmel Concerts also remain faithful to the British. Under the aegis of the Bayreuth organizer she goes on an extensive tour of Germany again in 2012.

6:03:12 CH-Zurich, People’s House
7:03:12 Mainz, Phoenix Hall
08:03:12 Trier, Europa Hall
9:03:12 Cologne E-Werk
10:03:12 Bremerhaven, Stadthalle
12:03:12 Nuremberg, Löwensaal
13:03:12 Stuttgart, home theater
14:03:12 Hannover, Capitol
15:03:12 Berlin, Columbia Hall
05:07:12 Munich, Tollwood

Caption: Met in Munich (from left): Patrick von Strenge (Marketing Director Sony Music Columbia Four Music), Bastian Ständer (Product Manager Sony Music Columbia Four Music), Willy Ehmann (Senior Vice President Domestic GSA Sony Music), Andreas Keul (Senior A&R Manager Sony Music Columbia Four Music), Yvonne Plaschka (Promotion Coordination Manager Sony Music Columbia Four Music), Henrik Guemoes (A&R Consultant Starwatch Entertainment), Peter Goebel (Geschäftsführer Presse Peter), Kim Wilde, Nick Boyles (Management Kim Wilde), Sabina Meyer (Manager Marketing & Product Coordination Sony Music Columbia Four Music) and Dirk Geibel (Product Manager Starwatch Entertainment)