Kim Wilde: “I have Nena to thank for my comeback”

The British hit singer (50) opens her private photo album and tells the secrets about her life during the IN-terview.

1. My big love
Hal is the love of my life. Only six months after we met we married and now, 15 years later, we still go through life together. Despite this: he is as dangerous as he looks. I’d like to say he’s mad bad and dangerous to know. Hal is of course more than that, but still he’s a daredevil.

2. The turning point of my life
When I went on tour with Michael Jackson in 1988, I knew that it was not good for him. I advised him back then that he should pull back, in order to breathe again. It made me think twice about my own life in the music business too.

3. Just for men
Aren’t we sweet? Errol Brown from ‘Hot Chocolate’ came around for a few drinks during my mother’s 50th Birthday. A very charming man and a legend. I am amazed that I didn’t have more men running after me. I’ve probably intimidated them.

4. The survivors
Boy George went to hell, but rose like a Phoenix from its ashes. He had big drugs problems but is full of life again. He means a lot to me. I have a lot of respect for him and he for me, while we both survived the Eighties. We twitter more often now.

5. My brother
What a night. I was at a concert with my youth idol and my brother, shortly before I had my big breakthrough. Crazy, how time flies.My brother was just 19 years old, when he wrote ‘Kids in America’ and we became famous overnight. We are still one heart and soul.

6. Back to the past
I have Nena to thank for putting me back into the limelight. I really wanted to put my leather trousers back on and stand on stage again. She was a fan of me, actually, before.

A travel back in time: Kim Wilde covers the songs of her favourite artists. The highlight: a duet with her husband Hal Fowler. “Snapshots”, in shops from August 26.