Kim Wilde is wild about Rihanna

Both Rihanna’s voice and provocative style impress Eighties icon Kim Wilde.

After 30 years in the music industry 51-year-old Kim Wilde still loves pop music. And a young singer has really caught the Eighties icon’s attention.

‘I really like Rihanna because she is so naughty and doing cool popp songs says Kim Wilde, whose hit career started with ‘Kids in America’. ‘I’ve always been crazy about artists who provoke and have their own style. And Rihanna seems like she is really herself and not care about what people say. I think it’s inspiring’, says Kim Wilde.

Also Rihanna musicality gets nice words as well. ‘She has an amazing voice and her way of singing is unique.’

Memories of the past

And Kim Wilde, who has sold 15 million albums and 50 million singles, recognizes herself in the 23-year-old Barbados-born singer. When Wilde started in the early 1980s, she was a her own stylist, wore vintage clothes and cut her own hair. ‘I did and said what I wanted’, remembers the singer. ‘So when I see young women doing the same today, I smile to myself. They remind me of myself many years ago’, she says.

Kim Wilde has just released the album ‘Snapshots’, on which she covers the lesser known songs by people like David Bowie, The Cure and Diana Ross.