Kim Wilde: “Kameha is sensational”

The guests of the luxury hotel Grand Hotel Kameha were surprised when the former pop goddess Kim Wilde started to sing in the atrium. Phones and cameras were quickly drawn out to get a few shots of the now 50-year-old.

But before it happened, a lot of time had gone by. The filming of the songs should have started at 10am, but it only started after 11am, as the pop diva was in makeup for some time.

But then it finally went off. Dressed in black and still peroxide blonde, the singer began to sing ‘Sleeping satellite’, a hit for Tasmin Archer in 1992, standing between two mega vases.

“My new album consists of cover songs. There will be songs from the Sixties and Nineties. Among other songs, the Mike Oldfield song ‘To France’. But I can’t tell you more’, said the singer.

The Kameha was chosen as a location by director Nikolay Georgiev (who has also worked with among others Dieter Bohlen). “I discovered the Kameha last year. On the return journey from Italy to Hanover, we made a stop in Bonn. When I saw the Kameha, it was clear that I would like to film here once. And now it was the perfect opportunity.”

Kim Wilde is also overwhelmed by the luxury hotel. “It is sensational here. A visual highlight.” The video was shot in the atrium, in the Kameha Dome and downtown Bonn. The pop diva stayed overnight in the “Queens Suite”, what else.