Kim Wilde, musician

“When ‘Kids in America’ became a hit, I had only my career. Now I have a family. I make music again, travel through Europe. It’s all happiness.”

“Some friends look good effortlessly, I always have to work hard at my style. I do know when I look ridiculous. Okay, I’ll admit: I also had shoulder pads and wildly coloured leggings in the Eighties.”

“I don’t have the desire to reinvent myself all the time like Madonna.”

“I was never really a ‘dressed girl’, I preferred to wear jeans and T-shirts. Nowadays people would say that I was almost a Tomboy.”

“Of course I feel younger than I am, my father says it too and he’s 70 years old. I am curious how that feels, being 70. Until I’m that old I will fight my natural aging process with dignity.”