Kim Wilde: “My son hates my music!”

SonntagsBlick met Eighties icon Kim Wilde (50) in Zurich. The singer, who does not want to be a legend, almost exclusively hears heavy metal sounds at home.

Hundreds of thousands of spectators were surprised yesterday at ‘SF bi de Lüt live’, when Kim Wilde (50) swept over the stage like during her best times. Before the performance SonntagsBlick met the Eighties legend. “Legend?”, says the Briton, ‘but this sounds terribly old!’ 50 is a fantastic age. ‘I’m happier than I’ve ever been before’, says the “Cambodia” singer. ‘I’m no longer stressed about my appearance. And when I’m wrinkled, I’m certainly not on stage. I’m more relaxed approach to things.’

That was not always so. 16 years ago, she turned her back to the music business. ‘I felt like I was in a prison. I had to break out, do something completely new.’ She made it. Unlike friends. ‘Lots of crazy things happened around me. Many have succumbed to drugs.’

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been”

Kim Wilde found ground under her feet again, got married, is a mother of two children today – and discovered in addition to music her second great passion: the 80s-Star has become the most famous gardener in Britain.

That she christened her daughter Rose (11), is obvious. And her son Harry (13) shares Kim Wilde’s love of music. “But he hates my music,” admits the singer. “Because of him I hear at home, only bad guys like Metallica or Slipknot.” Your dream? “An appearance with the metal stars!”