Kim Wilde records music videos in Bonn

Almost an hour later than planned, she finally appears on the set. Blonde manes. Very good mood. Tight black pants, a black velvet frock coat, on her right hand a ring sparkling with a large red stone. Kim Wilde, an icon of British pop, recorded three music videos for her new album, which will appear at the end of August.

In the morning the 20-strong film crew was in the atrium of the Grand Hotel Kameha in Bonn, preparing everything for the shooting. Kim Wilde between huge golden vases, surrounded by lots of glass, on the soft green of feather-shaped leaves. According to rank she had spent the night in the Queens Suite.

Fifth floor, terrace with panoramic views of the Rhine and the Seven Mountains. “Fantastic,” the 50-year-old says later during the pause. And the hotel was a “visual art”. Exactly 30 years ago she managed international success which “Kids in America”. How does she explain the revival of the 80s? “It was simply great music that still sounds fresh today.”

And what can we expect on their new album? “A homage to pop music. I sing cover versions of hits from the 60s to 90s,” she explains. Which ones, she does not want to reveal. But we hear during the shoot that Tasmin Archer’s “Sleeping Satellite” is among them. And Mike Oldfield’s “To France”, sung in 1984 by Maggie Reilly. Filming took place on Thursday afternoon on the Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz: The video for her version of the East 17-song “It’s Alright”.