Kim Wilde shows that there is an alternative to middle age

Full steam back in the eighties or deliberately forward? With Kim Wilde you can not be so sure. Although she maintains her old hits and their myth of the eternal pop princess, she presented her new songs produced very relevant and forward looking. And the fans in the sold-out and jam-packed Muffathalle squeal with delight.

About 30 years after their hit “Kids In America” the agile Briton now presents her new album “Come Out And Play”, and she ended up in the top 10 with us so suddenly, and rockier than ever. Not as many synthesizers, and above all very close in the arrangements. And also her old hits come across very tough now: “Cambodia”, “Chequered Love”, “Water On Glass” and all the others, of course, the inevitable “Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime”, live without Nena, but with much power and clever solo musicians of all deposits.

Really beautiful is the family’s meeting at the show staircase with brother Ricky Wilde on guitar and niece as co-singer Scarlett, gentle songs, just as at home at the fireplace. And as Kim stands all alone behind the electric piano and sings a tender love song for her dog, even one or two little tears may flow of emotion.

But by and large, the evening is a unique pop-dance and fireworks. And certainly not just because of the nostalgic elements. A successful comeback.