Kim Wilde ‘stars’ in Nightmare on ‘Elms’ Street

A Nightmare On ‘Elms’ Street-style float stole the show at the Codicote Village Day.

Quick-witted residents of The Elms, in the village, kitted themselves out in horror paraphernalia for Saturday’s parade. Their efforts proved well worthwhile too, as they beat six other floats to take home the award for the best effort. As well as random horror figures walking around the Times Territory village, you could also spot 80s global singing sensation and Codicote resident Kim Wilde, who opened the day’s attractions.

Peter Thomas, co-ordinator of the event, told the WHT that none of these attractions were put off by a massive downpour just minutes beforehand either. “As we were setting up stalls the heavens opened. Then luckily it all stopped for when the guests arrived, so obviously someone up there must have had something in for us organisers!”

He added: “The highlights included a barbecue that was specially-made for the day, in order so that there would be no queues or waiting around.” More than 1,000 people turned up for the fun and games on High Street, which included a whole host of stalls. Entry for the self-funded day was free with each charity stall collecting cash for its own coffers.