Kim Wilde urges compassion for drug addicts

After the death of Amy Winehouse six days ago Eighties star Kim Wilde is hoping that addiction is no longer a taboo topic.

Singer Kim Wilde (50) hopes that after the sudden death of their colleague, Amy Winehouse († 27) there is more open dialogue about drugs and addiction. “Addiction is very self-destructive, I think it goes back to childhood. It does not help to condemn people. We need more compassion,” the rising star of the Eighties said to the news agency Reuters in Berlin.

The singer (“Kids in America”) said she had never been interested in drugs. “When I was young, my friends have taken drugs, but I always found it pretty pathetic. They just wanted to be cool. I have never participated.”

Winehouse had died last Saturday. Wilde: “I didn’t know Amy personally, but I think she was simply overwhelmed by her talent. She couldn’t handle the fact that she was so incredibly good. “(Dpa)