Shopping tour with Kim Wilde

She was the pop star of the ’80s, with songs like “Kids in America” that sold 20 million copies – Kim Wilde! After years as a landscape gardener and mother the 50-year-old dared to make last year’s comeback! Yesterday, the 80’s icon went shopping with the MOPO in Karo. She has to look out for new stage clothes: stretch belts and neon outfits do not suit the curvy British woman any more.
“I love pencil skirts that flatter my figure. I have yes – If I may say it politely – quite a curve,” says Kim and laughs. She wanders through the Burlesque shop “Jungbluth” at the market street, and buys a corset. “This store celebrates womanhood, which women should be more calm about. Fortunately curvy women are coming back into fashion with stars Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.”

Wedge heels, studded belts and sexy stretch pants were part of the stage clothes of the singer. In August, her album “Snapshots” appears. 14 Cover Songs of David Bowie to East 17. An ode to their 30 stage years in which her sexy voice has hardly changed! “With my father Marty it’s the same – he sings terrific at 70!” Says Kim, and finds herself in “Otaku Records” (Field Road).

The Germans are her biggest fans. In England, she is best known for her gardening books and radio shows. Kim digs in her garden which she is still passionate about: “My husband (Hal Fowler, a musical actor, ed.) and I grow carrots, potatoes and salad.” In his native Hertfordshire she leads a down-home life, bringing their kids Harry (13) and Rose (11) to school. And what she wears in the garden? “Oh God, only my husband can really see that! Usually a sloppy chiffon dress with spaghetti straps, with a bikini underneath. Now and then I pull off the dress and jump into the pool!” Surely other men would love to see that too…