Stereoblonde: birthday gift for Kim Wilde is a hit

“Sweetest of all Darlings” is a tribute to her friendship with Kim Wilde: “The joy, the pain, the fun, the tears, we shared a lot over the years. So many loved ones gone for good, but you never let me down” – Sabrina from the band Stereoblonde sings in the piece, and recalls how she has discovered Kim herself. At thirteen, she saw the singer from London for the first time in the “Bravo”.

She was immediately intrigued by Kim’s style and charisma, her extraordinary voice and her songs. Shortly thereafter, Sabrina is at her first Kim Wilde concert, standing in front of the star for the first time. At that time she had no idea that she would write a song for Kim’s fiftieth birthday decades later. But many concerts later they get to know one another in a bar, and they remain in contact. Over the years a deep bond and friendship develops.

“Without Kim I would probably never have become a singer,” says Sabrina. “She has inspired me and incredibly motivated me. I’ve grown up with her.”

Sabrina devotes “Sweetest of all Darlings” to Kim, but also to all other women and their sisters in spirit. Because almost nothing makes one happier than to have found a soulmate, who understands you blindly and goes through the same ups and downs.

Sabrina Winter 1998 founded her band Stereoblonde in Frankfurt. Two years later their first studio album, ‘Confidential’ is released at East West Records (Warner). The debut single ‘Top of the World’ is an immediate radio hit in 1999 and is still played regularly by for example ‘Radio Eins’. As a support act Sabrina goes on stage with bands and artists like Echo & The Bunnymen, Amanda Marshall, Toto, Kajagoogoo and Kim Wilde.

Musically, she is above all inspired by the Eighties, but also by artists like Fiona Apple, Emiliana Torrini and bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Tegan & Sara and The Sounds. Her greatest source of inspiration however is Kim Wilde. Sabrina and the singer and icon of ’80s England have known one another for over 25 years now. Meanwhile, a deep friendship connects them.