Turning point at 50th birthday

Singer Kim Wilde has a a new attitude toward her body and her life since her 50th birthday.

Pop singer Kim Wilde sees her 50th Birthday as a turning point in her life. “I am no longer as critical about myself as when I was 30. At one point I tried to lay down this selfdoubt – and this has made my life much easier. I’ve accepted that I have more curves than Madonna, but am perhaps a more relaxed person”, the 51-year-old Briton said in an interview to magazine Freundin Donna.

She has decided to enjoy every day on the roller coaster ride of life. “But best of all, I finally come to terms with Kim Wilde”. At the height of her career in the late 80s, her life was “just a constant struggle”, Wilde said to Freundin Donna. It was hard on her to motivate herself and keep up with the competition in the pop business. “It also gave me great anxiety that I was separated from the reality that way.” She did not know “how to issue a check, how much money I had on the account. I could not even check into a hotel. ”

In her early thirties she had begun “to think about life without Kim Wilde”. Since then she met her husband, actor Hal Fowler. “To get married and have children was a liberation that I felt almost physically. Before, I was circling around me. To be there for someone else, instead of always thinking only of oneself, can make life easier in many ways.” During her family pause she did not miss being a star. “It was more fulfilling to be Kim Fowler than Kim Wilde.”

The couple has two children, Harry (13) and Rose (11). Kim Wilde started a comeback in 2003 and will tour Germany in the spring of 2012.