Articles 2012

19 December 2012 Kim Wilde Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
16 December 2012 Kim Wilde’s greatest hicks Bild am Sonntag (Germany)
15 December 2012 Wilde ride: Kim’s train performance proves a hit The Guardian (UK)
15 December 2012 Kim Wilde in train goes viral Teletekst (Netherlands)
15 December 2012 One over the 80s The Sun (UK)
15 December 2012 Kim Wilde’s impromptu song is an internet hit The Scotsman (UK)
15 December 2012 Drunk Kim Wilde serenades travellers Algemeen Dagblad website & Volkskrant website (Netherlands)
15 December 2012 Kim Wilde Singing On Tube Video Goes Viral Sky News website (UK)
14 December 2012 Watch an amazing clip of Kim Wilde having a drunken sing song on a train. Total brilliance Mirror website (UK)
14 December 2012 Kim goes Wilde! Daily Mail (UK)
1 December 2012 Go Wilde in the garden Countryside (UK)
21 November 2012 Charity’s no longer left Want-ing Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
15 November 2012 After tough gigs abroad, gardening brings me back down to earth The Sun (UK)
11 October 2012 A review of the audience at a Kim Wilde concert Scattered Sisters blog (Netherlands)
8 October 2012 Kim Wilde had fun in Paradiso ….. and so did I!! The blues alone weblog (Netherlands)
19 September 2012 Kim Wilde: My family felt like a band – it was good fun Metro (UK)
23 August 2012 Kim Wilde reveals her dearest memories Bors online (Hungary)
11 August 2012 The last five things I bought Daily Record & Sunday Mail (UK)
27 July 2012 Kim Wilde is supporting a new campaign to get UK families outdoors Female First website (UK)
1 July 2012 ‘Good red lipstick will let you get away with murder’ Vogue (Netherlands)
20 June 2012 Global Gardens art competition winners Falmouth Packet (UK)
22 May 2012 Prodigy Erik (14) makes remix for Kim Wilde Algemeen Dagblad (Netherlands)
18 April 2012 Wilde about nurturing plants and people The Comet (UK)
5 April 2012 My childhood home: Kim Wilde Waitrose weekend magazine (UK)
1 April 2012 Gardening for busy people Sunday Telegraph (UK)
29 March 2012 Art competition goes Global Falmouth news (UK)
16 March 2012 Meeting with childhood sweetheart Kim Wilde Dewezet website (Germany)
16 March 2012 Still wilde, still good B.Z. (Germany)
11 March 2012 Kim Wilde – Snapshots & Greatest Hits tour 2012 website (Germany)
9 March 2012 Snapshots of a long pop career website (Germany)
11 February 2012 Behind the mike today: Kim Wilde Nordsee-Zeitung (Germany)
4 January 2012 Proper musical treat at radio station Jack FM Welwyn & Hatfield Times (UK)
2 January 2012 “I love being on stage” website (Germany)
1 January 2012 The world’s largest open-air New Year’s Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin MSG Magazin website (Austria)
1 January 2012 Berlin: New Years Party Gala (Germany)