“I love being on stage”

The British singer Kim Wilde is in the Trier Europa Hall on Thursday 8 March. At the concert, she will mainly perform songs from her latest album “Snapshots”.

For a long time she had retired from the music business. Kim Wilde is now back on tour and presents her album “Snapshots”, on which the 50-year-old British woman covers her favorite songs. With TV reporter John Nora, she spoke about her music and her love of gardening.

Let us speak about your current album “Snapshots”. How did you get the idea for an album of cover songs?
About a year ago I did a live tour for my album “Come out and play.” During those concerts I played some cover songs. There was great audience reaction. At the end of the tour my record company proposed to make a whole album of cover songs. I would not necessarily have come up with the idea myself. But I thought that this is a great idea. I am 50 years old and it fits to cover my favorite songs.

Do these song come with certain memories?
Oh yes, of course! I remember, for example in the year 1964. I was four years old and loved the song from Cilla Black “Anyone Who Had A Heart”. I remember everything, as I’ve heard this song. For example, the house and the furniture in the small room. The song has touched me, although I was only four years old.

What songs will you play on your tour? In addition to the cover songs you sing your own greatest hits?
I’ll play my favorite songs from the “snapshot” album. But of course my greatest hits too. Since there are a lot of songs the people love.

Have you even more ideas for new songs?
Yes, of course! After this tour I will also write new songs. I love to write songs.

You haven’t recorded a CD for many years and not been on stage. What has motivated you to return again?
I’ve always liked being on stage. It always amazes me, how positively people react to my music. I did not think that I have such a success in my comeback. I’ve played with Nena. This rekindled my pleasure about standing on the stage again.

Besides music, you’ve also studied horticulture and love gardening. What fascinates you?
I’ve always been interested in composition, design and colors. What led me towards gardening was having my children. I wanted to offer them a beautiful garden. A garden that inspires them, where they can pick fruit, where they have fun. Yes, it was ultimately my children, who have inspired me. I then studied horticulture, when I was pregnant with my son Harry.

You have also published books on gardens. Is gardening a hobby for you, or a second job?
Yes, I’ve written books and made a TV show. It was great fun. But today it’s more of a private passion.

But a passion that will cost too much time.
Yes, but that does not matter. My husband helps me. We spend much time in the garden. It is a very healthy activity.

You were very young when her career began. Many people in your profession can’t cope with the pressures, and start to drink alcohol or take drugs. What is your secret that you could always do without these drugs?
I come from a house where we talked about such things. Of course my parents have also been drinking a glass of wine or beer. Even before I became famous, there were many people in my area who have taken drugs. Whether they were in the music business or not. But I found that boring. And now I think it’s even more boring.

You were on stage at 20 and you’re still there at 50. Are you more relaxed now?
I am a lot more relaxed, I enjoy it more, to stand on stage. My voice is stronger now. I have a great band. We have a great sound on stage. The chemistry between us is perfect.

What are you looking forward to your next tour?
Wilde: We are excited to offer a really good Popshow.