Kim goes Wilde!

Very merry 1980s singer serenades commuters after Magic FM’s Xmas party with off-key Kids In America (and Rocking Around The Christmas Tree for an encore)

Dozens of commuters travelling home by train last night expecting a quiet journey must have been fearing the worst when they saw a man take out a guitar and a woman start to sing. But those on the train from London Kings Cross approaching Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, suddenly realised it was brother and sister duo Kim and Ricky Wilde putting on an impromptu performance.

They played her hits Kids In America and Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree while returning from the Magic radio station Christmas party in London on a First Capital Connect train service. Katherine Eames, an actress who posted the video on YouTube, said: ‘After a truly rubbish day, I got on the train home and couldn’t get a seat. A man pulled out his guitar. “Oh here we go,” I thought. ‘”Hang on a minute, I know that voice.” It really was Kim Wilde. This totally made my day. Thank you. She is an absolute legend. Merry Christmas everyone.’

As the performance began, passengers tried to look around and ignore her, but excited voices could be heard from behind the camera as they watched Wilde perform her 1981 hit Kids In America. She then went on to perform Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, released as ‘Mel and Kim’ with Mel Smith in 1987, as her brother played guitar and joined in with the singing.

Wilde was standing in a red scarf, black furry jacket, green ring and reindeer antlers – and at one point her antlers fell off before she put them back on. Her brother was wearing a black blazer.

Kids in America is now more than 30 years old and hit number two in the UK when first released. She followed it by saying: ‘Now, everyone, it’s Christmas time – I’m going to sing you a Christmas song’. Wilde now hosts a show on Magic with Rick Astley from 10am to 2pm on Sundays. She tweeted today: ‘Great Xmas party Magic – left somewhat over refreshed with a pair of antlers on my head ; )’

MailOnline contacted Wilde’s representative for comment but did receive an immediate response.

The video received a warm reception on YouTube, with ‘fluffysheepfeet’ saying: ‘Haha brilliant! Presume the other passengers are tourists who haven’t got a clue who she is. Go Kim :D’

Another user, ‘Tim733733’, said: ‘Every time I got to London, I don’t like the tube. This would change my opinion. Kim and singalong for all tube trips!’