Kim Wilde reveals her dearest memories

The eighties star performers give each other the microphone during Thursday night’s scheduled Unique Festival in the Buda Castle. Bonnie Tyler, Rick Astley and Kim Wilde will appear at the retro concert. During an interview Kim revealed the most memorable moment of the eighties.

Kim Wilde said she is alive and well, just as she is at home with the well kept garden plants.

How do you feel about the retro-style festivals?
I love these festivals and my audience for being so interested in me. I also need to add some humor when I sing ‘Kids in America’ being over fifty.

What’s an average weekday like these days?
Over the years, I recorded two albums and toured all over the world with my amazing band. Otherwise, I enjoy my family life with my husband, two children and the dog. I love gardening, cleaning the house and relax with my family, my friends.

What is your favorite memory from the 80’s?
In 1983, the Award for Best British singer was chosen, and from this night there’s a wellknown picture of me in the company of Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Pete Townsend. It doesn’t get better than this!

In addition to your pop career you are a gardener, and even wrote books about gardening. What about the gardening these days?
A passion for gardening heritage remains. Lots of vegetables and flowers growing in our garden, I admire every night.

Kim Wilde said she will have a look at the city landscaping on Thursday night, after the festival’s end.