Kim Wilde’s greatest hicks

Okay, so no-one applauded after Kim Wilde, supported by her brother Ricky, sang her first hit ‘Kids in America’ and gave the encore ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas tree’. Underground musicians are singing buggers, there are few exceptions. But it’s worse that no-one stood up to offer this lady a seat. Especially since Kim Wilde (who is already 52) left the impression that she was very much drunk. At stops she stumbled to a certain Katherine Eames, who filmed the scene with her mobile phone camera and uploaded it onto the internet.

The video shows that Kim Wilde has gained a little weight since her big time in the 1980s, her hairstyle is even prettier than before with her glittering antlers. Her facial skin is slightly red due to the punches she drank at the Christmas party of a London radio station. But not only that!

Since the middle of the 1990s Kim Wilde is a popular landscape gardener in England, and the fresh air you can see in her, with a little good will on these images. Also remarkable: although her none of these gentlemen offered his place, Kim Wilde didn’t derail. She just kept on singing, and the more pressing the silence in the compartment was, the louder she giggled. That’s something one has to achieve.

Thanks for the music, Kim. And further cheerful Christmas.