One over the 80s

Published in
The Sun (UK)
Written by
Jack Losh

Boozy Kim Wilde sings her old hits on train

Tipsy pop legend Kim Wilde stunned train passengers with a rendition of her 1980s hit Kids in America.

The blonde singer, 52, was filmed in reindeer antlers with brother Ricky, 51, on guitar. Po-faced commuters stared awkwardly at the ground as she delivered her off-key performance on the way to Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

Kim, now a Magic FM DJ, then sang Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree after telling everyone: "I know we're all sitting on the train here, we're all ignoring each other like we normally do. But hey, it's a Christmas thing - so join in." The merry duo were heading home after the Magic FM Christmas bash on Thursday. Catherine Eames, who filmed it, wrote online: "She is an absolute legend."

After seeing the internet clip yesterday, Kim tweeted: "Making me giggle."