Snapshots of a long pop career

Kim Wilde is regarded as a pop icon of the 80s. At the concert in the Trier Europa hall, they showed that she may have become older, but still got it. Even her fans are older – and apparently there are less of them. Only 500 visitors came to the Europahalle in Trier.

Trier. Kim Wilde was still having fun at work. Or rather, she has fun again to be on stage again. The British singer, who had her biggest hits in the Eighties, rocked the Trier Europahalle like in the old days. The voice is still as good as it was 20 or 30 years ago. That she has changed visually was not hidden by the singer herself.

On the faded photos on the back of the stage, the audience can see in her life, from childhood until today. These pictures explain the title of the tour, ‘Snapshots’. Such musical snapshots Kim Wilde offers her audience: only a few songs from their own repertoire, but cover versions of songs that had special meaning in her life. She tells the audience that she has always had a special fondness for pop songs and are thus also the central theme of the concert.

The audience, which has on average about the same age as the 51-year-old singer is still reserved during the young opening act 2 The Universe. There, artists and audience do not quite fit together.

But with the appearance of British singer, who comes on stage dressed in a black suit with pants, the atmosphere is rising steadily. Most of the songs are well known. One of the first songs is from Nena, of whom Kim Wilde is a friend and with whom she has made music together. A special highlight: the hit “You Came,” which she dedicated to the public on the grounds: “.. I see that many of you followed my career for many years, I would like to thank you” This will be rewarded with several bouquets of roses, handed up from her fans on stage.

For the visual stimuli Kim Wilde has brought in her family. Scarlett is her niece as a background singer on stage, dressed in a very short dress that put her long legs to advantage. It makes the gentlemen in the audience happy. That Kim Wilde, himself married and mother of two children, has a great sense of family is made clear at the Unplugged part when she sings along with her brother and guitarist Ricky and her niece in calmer tones.

Her most famous song “Kids in America”, Kim Wilde kept until the end. After nearly two hours and a couple of encores, the concert is over. The show, which Wilde offered, should have deserved a sold-out hall.