The last five things I bought

Pop singer turned pro gardener Kim Wilde, 51, on what she last splashed out on this week.

1. My garden is a sanctuary to me, somewhere I can relax or just potter about. I recently found a new place to buy plants called Waste Not Want Not, Isobel Barnes rescues plants at her fantastic, packed nursery and works with volunteers who are seeking companionship or recovering from a life crisis. It’s just down the road from where I live in Hertfordshire and it’s an oasis of calm and hope. Sadly, it’s under threat right now, so if anyone has got a spare acre of land to which it can relocate, please let me know.

2. Music is an integral part of my everyday life, so I just couldn’t resist buying a Sonos system and some Bowers & Wilkins speakers. They have literally transformed the way we access and listen to music in our house. It still amazes me how far advanced the music world has come from the 7″ vinyl records I’d go out and buy when I was a teenager, to the instant access of music anywhere and anytime you want it. Just incredible.

3. I’m currently working with Ronseal on a campaign to encourage families to spend more time in their gardens. I firmly believe in practising what I preach, so I splashed out on a luxury picnic set for the family. Whenever the weather is good, I’ll get the whole family outside for a lovely, relaxing picnic in the sun. What better way to spend an afternoon?

4. Every girl needs a treat every now and then. I have recently fallen in love with OKA ( I visited its shop in Chelsea and it’s just full of inspiration and well-priced items. I often buy gifts from them via the internet for some of my favourite people and, of course, I like to spoil myself, too…

5. I don’t do botox but I found myself an alternative that doesn’t involve needles. Dr Hauschka Regenerating Serum! His products are 100% natural using plants and extracts from a garden/farm just outside Stuttgart that I visited last year. Does it work? Well, hopefully the results speak for themselves.

Kim Wilde is an ambassador for Ronseal’s new campaign called Go On, Get Outdoors, aimed at UK families