Celebrity antique-hunters in Berkhamsted’s Home & Colonial right now

TV crews are filming an 80s pop icon and successful garden designer in Berkhamsted’s Home & Colonial right now.

The footage is being captured for an episode of BBC Two show Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, which is due to be broadcast in the autumn. The programme will star Kids in America singer Kim Wilde and Chelsea Flower Show award-winner Diarmuid Gavin, who are shopping in the store for an antique right now. Their selection will later be sold at an auction in the north of the UK.

On their way to Home & Colonial, the two stars rolled up to the Martins Pond pub in Potten End while making ‘on the way there’ footage. They were happy to pose for landlord Neil Cutmore’s photos in their classy convertible.

Neil said: “They were driving round the green, because I assume that’s going to be in the show. They had a camera hanging out the back, so I asked why and asked for a photo and they said yes. Great publicity for us.”

Last Wednesday, Marcus Fleet wrote on the social networking site Twitter: “Just saw Gazza in Berkhamsted.”

The former footballer – whose full name is Paul Gascoigne – may have been in the area to visit daughter-in-law and glamour model Bianca Gascoigne, who lives in Little Gaddesden. It is understood that their family will be part of a new ITV show after magician and hypnotist Damien O’Brien tweeted a photo of the family late last month. He said: “Just finished filming with the Gascoigne family for Paul’s new ITV show.”

People commented beneath the tweet about how well Gazza looked after a recent spell of rehab to recover from his struggle with alcoholism.