Kim Wilde talks hit records and gold medal gardens

Singer, songwriter, radio host and landscape gardner Kim Wilde, best known in Australia for the song ‘Kids in America’, talks to Lindy Burns on Evenings.

She’s sold 10 million albums, 20 million singles and had No.1 hits across the world. She’s toured with Michael Jackson and David Bowie and was voted Best British Female Singer at the 1983 Brit Awards.But she’s also won a Gold Medal and Best in Show at the 2005 Chelsea Flower Show. And in 2008 was signed onto the London commercial radio station Magic 105.4 where she still presents a weekly show called Secret Songs.

Kim Wilde says having musicians in the family gave her the break she needed. “I was only twenty-something and I got to travel the world and live the dream,” says Kim. “We had the whole musical library on vinyl in the living room, and my Dad encouraged us to play as much of it as we wanted,” she says.

Going on to write her own hits she says it was important to do her own thing. “I wanted to earn my stripes, I didn’t just want to be a pop-poser. I loved music enough and I felt I had enough to contribute to do more than just pout a lot and look great on a video. I had to get used to the highs and lows of success at a very young age. Sometimes it took his toll on me and it wasn’t an altogether easy ride,” says Kim Wilde.

Having a baby later brought much change including her own radio show and an interest in gardens. “I was unleashed once I became pregnant. You become incredibly inspired when you think something like that is happening to you. It’s a miracle and it awakens all kinds of dormant passions. I’m very proud of my gold medals in the Chelsea Flower Show – that’s for sure.”

Kim Wlde will be returning to Victoria in mid October with her band and support act, Nik Kershaw.

Kim Wilde speaks to Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne Evenings.