Kim Wilde was mortified by drunk busking film

Eighties star KIM WILDE was mortified when she saw film footage of her drunkenly busking on a subway train as she had no idea the clip would be such a hit on YouTube.

The Kids in America singer and her brother Rick serenaded passengers on the London Underground days before Christmas last year (12) as they travelled home from a festive party.

The tipsy star donned plastic reindeer antlers and seemed unsteady on her feet as she sang Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree and Kids in America, accompanied by her brother on guitar.

An eager onlooker caught the bizarre moment on camera and later uploaded the clip online, where it became an instant hit – but Wilde was horrified the whole world could see her drunken shenanigans.

She tells the Absolute Radio station, “Do you know what, I couldn’t believe that happened. I mean, I was a bit de-mob happy. We got on the train, and I said to Rick, ‘Come on, it’s Christmas, I’ve got antlers, you have got a guitar, what can possibly go wrong?’

“And I saw this girl filming halfway through, but I was fairly larruped (drunk), and at that point I really didn’t care that she was filming. I thought, she will only show her mum anyway. And then we got home and then the phone started. And then my husband went on and started watching the clicks go up on the viewings, and before we knew it, within a few weeks, two million people had watched me get absolutely larruped.”