Kim Wilde is sex symbol and gardener

The 80s star Kim Wilde speaks in the MZ-interview about scandals , parenting and pop music. In March, the singer performs live in Regensburg.

Regensburg. Blonde mane , kissing lips , bedroom eyes – Kim Wilde was the 80s pop icon par excellence. The boys were in love with the cool singer , the girls envied the British woman for her erotic aura. “I was happy being sexy,” Kim Wilde says during the MZ-interview about her fast-paced career start. Already Kim Wilde’s first song “Kids in America” in 1981 was a worldwide hit. The Bloodhound Gang, Atomic Kitten, Nirvana and many others have covered the song. Especially by one artist the 54-year-old Wilde would still love to hear a cover of her hits : Miley Cyrus. “That would be great.”

The scandals with which Cyrus made headlines Wilde sees as “clever way to sell records”. “She is young, but hey, I was 20 when I started , and I knew what I was doing. ” Wilde had her own little scandal in 1987 when the video for ‘Say You Really Want Me’ in which the singer wore a long pearl necklace and frolics with different men, was banned from the children’s television . “Today, children can find much worse things on the internet quite easily , much worse things ,” says the mother of two. She finds that for parents it’s a much greater challenge to raise children today.

Wilde paused the music business mid-1990’s to have a family. As a gardener she made her own television show. “My kids got me to do it”, Wilde said. For them, and with them she wanted to create a garden. She studied landscape architecture and finally wrote the book “Gardening with Children”.

In 2003, Kim Wilde recorded a duet with Nena and was talked about again. “The project with Nena has made a great contribution that I am still so popular in Germany ,” Wilde is convinced. Since the beginning of her career, the Briton has many fans here. End of November, the singer finally reported back with Christmas songs on her “Wild Winter Songbook” . In March and April Wilde alongside Midge Ure, Joe Lynn Turner, Bernie Shaw and Mick Box (Uriah Heep) and headliner Alice Cooper is part of the tour of Rock meets Classic. On 22 March the show comes to Regensburg. Kim Wilde will be presenting her hits from the 80s.

That she has the 80-stamp on, the 54 -year-old does not interfere. “I myself do not see it as an artist of the 80s,” she says . “I’ve also made music after the 80’s. ” For a long time she thought her new songs would not be perceived correctly due to their image, but that has changed. “It’s wonderful that I had so much success early on. ” For 2014, Wilde is planning a new disk. She wants to remain faithful to pop music. “I’ve reached a certain age, gives me a good feeling that I can do whatever I want.”